Below is our open letter to PM.

Dear Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modiji,

We will keep this open letter as respectful and polite and to the point as possible.
We think it’s time you should come out in open and say to the country that you actually have no concrete plans, so to speak defined in detail in various steps, to fix numerous challenges that our motherland faces.

While seeking vote in 2014 you made 31% of voters believe in you that you have some rabbit in your hat and that you will pull it out after coming to power. You sold a dream without even knowing what your step one, two or three would be once sworn in as Prime Minister.

You are blessed that you have great oratory skill and none in the opposition match the same. You are also blessed that you are street smart and have a knack of negotiating yourself from tight spots. You are also blessed to market yourself well and capture the limelight.

However, to give you at least one honest credit where it is definitely due is that after Shri Manmohan Singh you have made this country feel that it has a Prime Minister. But then again – the bar was set so low by him that any actual politician worth his or her salt would have made us feel this way.

People of India voted for you expecting a change in the administrative system and the delivery apparatus of government.

They expected that some how you will change the government schools for better, that somehow you will make the government hospitals better, that somehow you will get them access to clean drinking water, that somehow you will provide them uninterrupted quality electricity without power fluctuations and low voltage while bringing electricity to the population which has not seen it ever. People believed that you will make the society better, women safer, policing better. People believed that roads would get better. Water logging will become history. Recurring floods will stop and destroy people’s life. City life will drastically improve and villages will be fun place to visit with all basic amenities in place.

Additionally they thought you will end terrorism by some magic wand cause that is what you made them believe.

Your supporter may say that many of these issues come under State than Centre. And that all these things take time. But Mr. Prime Minister, with all due respect, that is what people expected out of you. To structurally change India for people to believe in the idea called India.

At the time of seeking vote you didn’t clarify the limited power you have as PM given the federal structure of our country. You sold Gujarat Model of development with its Roads, Electricity, Cleanliness etc. With its villages in far better state than many of towns or cities of India.

Today, Many of your programs announced are yet to touch ground and make any difference at ground level. The devil lies in execution. And here we find no difference in state of affairs from yesteryears.

To execute takes time. It needs planning. It needs teamwork and above all it needs structural change in administrative system and delivery mechanism. You never told this to people of India. Rajiv Gandhi while as PM had very famously said that out of every Rs. One sent to a village for development work only 15 paise reaches at ground zero. The rest 85 paise gets lost in the legitimate administrative overhead.
We don’t suppose things have changed. However, we expected you to bring that change.

At present or in near future… No one will even think to send their child to government school. Nor will someone want to get treated at government hospital. No one will want to remove their water filter from home or stop buying bottled water. No one will remove their second power source at home or office in shape of inverter or generator.

Coming to Black money which you so passionately are chasing… you have to first plug the generation of it. Ask any plumber how to fix a seeping bathroom wall… he will tell you first fix the leaking pipe before fixing the wall. It’s elementary but somehow you decided to put the cart before the horse.

While electioneering you talked about all the ill gotten wealth of Indians stashed abroad and bringing it in India¬†within 100 days. You knew it on day one that is not possible yet you continued with the sloganeering. It’s promises such as these which paints politicians in bad picture.

We are yet to figure out what is your dream for India. What structure change do you propose… what social change do you propose… what economic change do you propose (apart from the talk of cashless economy or GST)

The hard core fact is that more than 50 crore Indians are daily wagers. Earning for the day to feed their stomach. More than 70% live in villages and are employed in agriculture sector, directly or indirectly, which is so dependent on rains and monsoon that we don’t know how our farmers will do each year till monsoon season comes and goes. Irrigation of farming land is something which we have not achieved and no achhe din can ever come until we find a solution to farmers dependence on rains or their problem of planting to marketing.

The list of things to do at your end will become so long that possibly we cannot write them all.

It’s a mystery to us how you find time to give so many speeches and find time to travel other countries amid above challenges. If one would have been in your shoes and genuinely wanted to bring achhe din… one would not even have found time to shower and shave let alone do Maan Ki Baat:-)


To wrap things up, what we want to say is pull up your socks, stop wasting time on speeches and travels and fix the country for which people gave you absolute majority after 30 years in Indian political history.


Let your work transcend to ground zero in every corner of this country. Bring the structural change which is so wanted and needed and do your job building a country which is not divided and which reflects the vision of founding fathers of our motherland and translates our constitution from words to reality.


This is an ordinary citizen signing off to whom you promise to be Pradhan Sevak.
With due respect and regards.